Longway Round Brittany

Are you ready for a short, guided motorcycle holiday in Brittany and perhaps a new adventure?  You’ll be riding as part of a small group through a fantastic landscape of deserted roads and spectacular scenery.
An ideal opportunity to join a group of like-minded motorcycle riders and enjoy several days of varied traveling around Brittany.  We start from Exeter in Devon, sail from Plymouth and arrive at Roscoff our entry port to France.
Over the trip you’ll have the adventure of tackling roads you have never dreamed of with an intensity of clear, open D roads, sweeping forests, quaint rural lanes and everything in between.  
We offer these trips to biker’s men and women who may, or may not have ridden before in Europe, but wish to be part of a small group of 6 - 10 riders. We are aware that all riders have different levels of pace of motorcycling and we always accommodate to everyone’s abilities. 
It's not all about biking.  There are fantastic, historic places to see and visit and we set off each day with very much an open mind.
Be sure we will not let you overlook the exceptional cuisine available which will entail some long lunches and even more pleasurable evening feasts, the Breton way.


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Guided Motorcycle Tours To France

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